Mercy Johnson Biography, Career, Age & Networth

Mercy Johnson Okojie, commonly known as Mercy Johnson, is a Nigerian actress born on August 28, 1984, in Lagos State, Nigeria. She hails from Kogi State and is of mixed Igbo and Kogi ethnicity.

Early Life and Career:

Mercy Johnson had a strong passion for acting from a young age and began her acting career in 2003 when she auditioned for and secured a role in the movie “The Maid.” Her talent and exceptional acting skills quickly propelled her to stardom in the Nollywood film industry.

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Mercy Johnson grew up in a family of seven children. She developed a passion for acting at a young age and dreamed of becoming an actress.

Mercy Johnson’s Age:

The Nigerian actress was born on the 28th of August, 1984, therefore she’ll be 39-years-old as at 2023.


Mercy Johnson has appeared in numerous Nollywood movies, and here are some of her notable works:

  1. “The Maid” (2004)
  2. “Dumebi the Dirty Girl” (2012)
  3. “Weeping Soul” (2008)
  4. “Heart of a Fighter” (2007)
  5. “War in the Palace” (2009)
  6. “30 Days in Atlanta” (2014)
  7. “Baby Oku in America” (2013)
  8. “Thy Will Be Done” (2015)
  9. “The Legend of Inikpi” (2020)

Net Worth:

Mercy Johnson has not only achieved tremendous success in her acting career but has also made significant strides in entrepreneurship and production. She is worth more than $3 million dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Mercy Johnson’s real name?
Her real name is Mercy Johnson Okojie.

Is Mercy Johnson married?
Yes, Mercy Johnson is married to Prince Odianosen Okojie. They got married in 2011, and they have several children together.

How many children does Mercy Johnson have?
Mercy Johnson had three children.

Has Mercy Johnson won any awards for her acting?
Yes, Mercy Johnson has received numerous awards for her acting, including several Nollywood and Africa Movie Academy Awards.

Mercy Johnson’s Net Worth?
Mercy Johnson’s net worth is estimated to be more than $3 million dollars.

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