Blunder Reverse (2023)

Blunder Reverse
Genre: Drama
Stars: Deza De Great, Kenneth Nwadike, Frances Ben
Release Date: 2023
Runtime: 120mins

“Blunder Reverse” is a comedy film that takes viewers on a hilarious and unpredictable journey through a series of uproarious mishaps and zany escapades.

As the characters navigate a series of amusing misadventures and comical misunderstandings, the film showcases the lighthearted side of life’s unpredictable nature.

The story unfolds as the characters find themselves caught in a web of hilarious situations, each stemming from a seemingly innocent mistake. Laughter ensues as they attempt to reverse the blunders and set things right, leading to a cascade of amusing and often absurd outcomes.

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“Blunder Reverse” is a side-splitting narrative that celebrates the comedy of errors, showcasing the humor in life’s unexpected twists and turns. The film offers a rollicking and entertaining exploration of the chaotic and often riotous moments that make us laugh at our own missteps.

Find out more. Starring Deza De Great, Kenneth Nwadike, Frances Ben and many others.

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