Clem and Clara (2023)

Clem and Clara
Genre: Drama, Romance
Stars: Chidi Dike, Stefania Bassey, others
Runtime: 80mins

Enjoy this new Nollywood Nigerian movie tagged “Clem and Clara” brought to you by OrjiTV.

An online date planned by their friend goes wrong after they woke up to find themselves trapped in a house they couldn’t escape from.

In this Nollywood Nigerian movie, Clem and Clara, an online date that was supposed to be filled with excitement and romance takes a treacherous turn. Organized by a well-meaning friend, Clem and Clara eagerly log in to their virtual rendezvous, unaware of the sinister twist waiting for them.

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As the night unfolds, the unsuspecting couple becomes increasingly entangled in a web of mystery and suspense. Their enchanting evening takes a haunting turn when they wake up to find themselves trapped in an enigmatic house, their escape thwarted by unseen forces.

Every attempt to break free only intensifies the claustrophobic atmosphere, as they encounter cryptic clues and eerie occurrences that hint at a dark secret lurking within the walls.

With a runtime of 80 minutes, this riveting drama and romance film will keep you on the edge of your seat, eagerly anticipating each twist and turn. Dive into a world where online connections turn into real-life nightmares, as Clem and Clara fight against time to uncover the truth and make their escape from the insidious house that holds them captive.

Find out more. Starring Stefania Bassey, Chidi Dike, Andy Ike, Kelechi Chukwuemeka and others.

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