Death Wish (2023)

In this gripping tale of power, mortality, and redemption, the protagonist is a monarch on a journey to rulership. However, his ascent to the throne comes at a personal cost. As he becomes consumed by ambition and the desire for power, he begins to lose touch with his own self-love and humanity.

Little does he know that his desires have become intertwined with the deity, a mysterious and powerful entity. This deity holds a dark secret, a looming darkness that carries perilous consequences for the monarch and his reign. Its presence will leave an indelible mark on his throne, forever altering the course of his rule.

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As the story unfolds, the monarch must confront the consequences of his choices and face the daunting task of finding redemption. Will he be able to rediscover his humanity and undo the damage caused by his pursuit of power? Or will he succumb to the darkness that has taken hold of his throne?

This thought-provoking narrative explores the intricate themes of power, mortality, and the price one must pay for their ambitions. It delves into the depths of the human soul, showcasing the struggles and inner conflicts faced by those who hold authority.

Starring Wunmi Ajiboye | Ogogo | Madam Saje | Bose Aregbesola and many others.

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