Disturbed (2023)

Genre: Drama
Stars: Yvonne Jegede, Mofe Duncan, Tommy Rowland
Release Date: 2023
Runtime: 92mins

“Disturbed” is a psychological thriller that delves deep into the human psyche, unraveling the enigmatic tale of a troubled individual grappling with inner demons. Haunted by their past and plagued by unsettling visions, they are slowly driven to the brink of sanity.

The film meticulously traces their descent into madness, examining the blurred lines between reality and delusion. As the narrative unfolds, the audience is taken on a spine-tingling journey through a maze of disturbing revelations, chilling encounters, and shocking twists.

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“Disturbed” is a suspenseful exploration of the fragility of the human mind and the eerie territories it can lead one to when pushed to its limits. Find out more. Starring Yvonne Jegede, Mofe Duncan, Tommy Rowland and many others.

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