Heart String (2023)

Heart String Nigerian Movie
Genre: Drama, Romance, Mystery
Stars: Uzor Arukwe, Uche Montana, Jide Kosoko, Okey Judde
Release Date: 2023
Platform: iBakaTV
Runtime: 92mins

When a doctor falls head over heels for a lady, he’s faced with a moral dilemma: she’s the wife of his own patient, leaving him torn between his newfound love and his professional ethics.

In this tale of forbidden love and ethical struggles, a doctor finds himself in an unexpected situation. As fate would have it, he becomes infatuated with a captivating woman, but soon discovers that she happens to be the wife of one of his own patients.

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This unforeseen complication puts the doctor in a predicament, torn between his overpowering emotions and his unwavering dedication to his professional code of ethics. Will he be able to navigate this delicate balance and find a resolution that satisfies both his heart and his conscience?

Join us on this emotional journey as the doctor grapples with the complexities of love and morality in the face of challenging circumstances.

Find out more. Starring Uzor Arukwe, Uche Montana, Jide Kosoko, Okey Judde and many others.

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