Life of Mary (2023)

Life of Mary
Genre: Drama
Stars: Uche Jombo, Eddie Watson, ZicsAloma, Omoghe
Release Date: 2023
Runtime: 82mins

A very interesting story about a little girl who is unfortunate in the hands of a new housemaid and her mother does not notice due to her busy schedule.

In this captivating Nollywood tale, we follow the life of a young, innocent girl who becomes entangled in the clutches of an ill-fated situation.

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The central focus of the narrative revolves around the arrival of a new housemaid, whose presence marks a turning point in the child’s life.

Unfortunately, her mother, consumed by a relentless and demanding schedule, remains oblivious to the unfolding drama within their household.

Find out more. Starring Uche Jombo, Eddie Watson, ZicsAloma, Omoghe, Judy and others.

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