Runaway (2023)

Genre: Drama
Stars: Ruth Kadiri, Toosweet Annan, Oma Nnadi
Release Date: 2023
Runtime: 106mins

“Runaway,” a captivating Nollywood film crafted by the talented Ruth Kadiri, delves into the heart-wrenching tale of a courageous individual’s quest for freedom and self-discovery.

The story revolves around a person trapped in the confines of their own life, shackled by societal expectations and the weight of their responsibilities.

Fueled by a burning desire to break free from these suffocating chains, they embark on a daring escape, leaving behind the familiar but stifling world they’ve always known.

As they journey through the unfamiliar, the film beautifully illustrates their personal growth, the challenges they face, and the surprising connections they form along the way.

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“Runaway” is a compelling exploration of the human spirit’s unyielding determination to chart its own course, find its own voice, and discover the true meaning of freedom.

Ruth Kadiri’s expert storytelling and compelling performances in this cinematic gem make “Runaway” a thought-provoking and inspiring portrayal of the pursuit of one’s dreams and the courage to break free from the constraints of the past.

Find out more. Starring Ruth Kadiri, Toosweet Annan, Oma Nnadi and many others.

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